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This is the second comic I included in the book of fanart I made for Ed (the one with the Simpsons drawing in it). I illustrated the lyrics to the song Thinking Out Loud. Sort of like my own version of an animated music video. :) I think the best way to view it will be to click through the pictures individually, because they’ll be a little bigger that way. Enjoy! 

09.16.14 388
09.16.14 257
09.16.14 285


It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)

09.16.14 523
09.16.14 3429
09.16.14 6487

"The only person who ever knows how I feel is Snoopy."

09.16.14 7994
09.03.14 62
09.03.14 67
09.03.14 67